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Nate, Mandy & Brantley

I'd never heard of Potter's Syndrome.  I wish everyone could say that.  Nate & Mandy just got the diagnosis. Mandy's family wanted them to enjoy the beauty of their son and to have something lovely to remind them of Brantley.  This is the first of hopefully two sittings.  Mandy is due in July and our hope is that we can get together two weeks before her due date.

Mandy & Nate

I still don't know much about Potter's Syndrome, but what I do know is love.  I cannot imagine the agony accompanying this or any like diagnosis.  But the love between the three of them, that's obvious. 



Working together made me want to do more.  I considered joining a group to offer my services but that felt almost voyeuristic and certainly opportunistic.  But if you know of anyone or are yourself dealing with terrible news like this I would like to talk with you.  I'm going to create a package to offer families so they can have something lovely to look back on.

Nate & Mandy

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