George, Elizabeth & Iain

George contacted me after seeing a Mother/Daughter portrait I'd displayed in Prime Roast in Keene.  He wanted to give this gift to his wife and their youngest son.

As happens with so many women, particularly mothers, Elizabeth showed some hesitation.  I'm so very glad she did this.  To see the love between the three of them was just so special. 

FAther & Son

As wonderful as it was to watch and work with them I was especially pleased when she chose images of just her.  There is a story in each of us.  Elizabeth's generous and compassionate spirit is hers. 

What's your story?

Nate, Mandy & Brantley

I'd never heard of Potter's Syndrome.  I wish everyone could say that.  Nate & Mandy just got the diagnosis. Mandy's family wanted them to enjoy the beauty of their son and to have something lovely to remind them of Brantley.  This is the first of hopefully two sittings.  Mandy is due in July and our hope is that we can get together two weeks before her due date.

Mandy & Nate

I still don't know much about Potter's Syndrome, but what I do know is love.  I cannot imagine the agony accompanying this or any like diagnosis.  But the love between the three of them, that's obvious. 



Working together made me want to do more.  I considered joining a group to offer my services but that felt almost voyeuristic and certainly opportunistic.  But if you know of anyone or are yourself dealing with terrible news like this I would like to talk with you.  I'm going to create a package to offer families so they can have something lovely to look back on.

Nate & Mandy

Please share and spread the word.

Happy Anniversary to Me..

..Well, to my studio.  I'm so happy to have worked with my first year's clients.  Quite literally, I couldn't have done it without you.  I thought I'd post some of my favorites but there are jut too many to choose for one post.  So I decided to split it up over the next few weeks.

There's Just Too Much Beauty….

The biggest challenge of this trip has been to quit pulling over every 10 minutes to take more pictures.  We didn't really even know we were going to Yellowstone until we looked at the map and thought, eh, what's another few hours?  The bulk of the park was closed, would you know we'd pick the month they close for maintenance?  Still what we saw was breathtaking. 

Salt Air Night

Kelly isn't feeling well.  So I decided to sneak out and get a few night shots.   It's always so interesting to me to see what looks like movement of the stars with long exposure.


A sad and nice weekend. Missed our good friend's anniversary - but we were thinking of you.  Said goodbye to a life-long friend.  But in the sadness there was loveliness.  I got to hug family and old friends I'd not seen for a very long time.  And this morning I was greeted by this sunrise.  At first I thought the faint white ball in the clouds was the sun.  That alone was beautiful.  But it tricked me and popped up just as I thought it was done.  I've timed the slideshow so it's not terribly long.  No editing - It did it all on it's own. 

Two suns

Icy Fog

Got stuck driving around taking pictures today.


The ice was pretty tough this morning.  So I ended up on Drake's Island which is in Wells, Maine.  And tonight....tonight the moon had just enough cloud cover to let me see some stars.  But it was also bright enough to provide a beam or two on the water.